Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Dont Drive past- Just showup

I work out in  the evening, not a morning person at all.   Yesterday like all days I got my gym clothes in the car and planned to do the usual, until of course I realized I will be delayed at work.  So somewhere during the course of the last meeting I decided I will skip the gym. And then I did what I didn’t imagine I could have done. I did not drive past the gym, I actually went. I checked my watch and it was 8:20pm. I still had a voice in my head asking me to just get back in the car and drive home, because it was way too late. But I locked the car and walked inside, with some surprised looks in the gym reception. My trainer was equally surprised and commented “so late, I didn’t think you would come in” I smiled and just blamed work and Bangalore traffic.

I surprised myself by killing all the voices in my head and then I heard Jillian in my head saying “What really matters is that you showed up”. For those who read my blogs, know that I absolutely love Jillian Michael’s workout and all her talking in the video. A lot out there don’t like it, but I do. Her screaming and shouting inspires me and no matter what critics have to say she brings change. I know a lot out there who have transformed because she bought fitness to their living room.

We all face lack of motivation, wanting to turn off the TV or not go to the gym. Everyone has those days, and it’s not easy to kill the voices in our head telling us to stop or not go. It’s not easy and nobody knows that better, because of the umpteen times I have driven past the gym. But there is no easy way than to just go out there, shut the door and face it.

Friday, 13 November 2015

This years running and the injury

The year has been a roller coaster ride for my  running . I started the year planning to get on the running wagon completely with planning out my race calendar for the year. I may have gotten ambitious by deciding on the Boston qualifier as well. It doesn't cost much to dream, does it.
Well officially I still have a shot as the Spice Coast Marathon is scheduled this Sunday.  But the truth of the matter is, let alone 42 Km I cant run a mile with a ankle injury. So all my dreams of BQ are down the drain.
I hurt my ankle in my practice runs post Bangalore marathon. Lesson learnt that I need to run more often and trying to achieve too much in a short time is not possible. Also running in the dark may not be the best time to run.

To be honest, even if the injury wasn't there , I had no chances of getting to my target time, cause I haven't been practicing. why I haven't, well I don't want to spend the whole blog whining so may be another time.
This is what the plan looked like

Puma urban Stampede 2-Aug-15
Bull Run 23-Aug-15
Bengaluru Marathon 18-Oct-15
Pune International Marathon 6-Dec-15
SpiceCoast Marathon 15-Nov-15
Sky Scraper dash 9-Aug-15

 The ones marked in blue is what I ended up running, the red I didn't and the yellow I cant, cause the injury.

The good part of this has been that I managed to polish off an hour from my personal best in the half marathon.  This is was the highest point so far in my journey as a runner.

One of the runs that wasn't part of the plan but I did was the Pinkathon. You can read my experience more about it here
  Something that I realized this year it makes sense to be part of a group or club. The realization struck when I see similar faces during the run and how you have people to cheer along run along when you are down and out. The process of finding  a club  and joining is on.  Hopefully if they let me be part of one. Runners can be an extremely closed community and they make you feel like pariah when one is a lone runner.

So that's my running journey for this year in short. While I rest my leg I am spending time reading books on running.
More on the books maybe in another post.