Thursday, 25 October 2012

Quitting Body Revolution

For all those who have read my blog are aware of my journey to fitness and body revolution. There are 2 main reasons that I want to quit
  1. In all honesty I haven't given it my 100% with loads of cheats in following the routine. I did mention in the previous blogs that this will be my first go around at it and I plan to have a second round of body revolution . However it still is a shoddy job
  2. I have a vacation planned and wouldn't be able to do this because I wont have the equipments. And with so many breaks in the schedule it just doesnt feel right.

I know I should complete it since I have completed two Phases and this was the last leg of the race, but its about doing it in 90 days and not at your own pace. I will be at it once the vacation is over and I have my routine set again.

Does this mean no workouts...... obviously no..... I plan to add workouts from P90X , Body revolution, Brazil Butt Lift and Hip Hop Abs all during this time and also during my vacation.
You will see a lot more of me when I am on my vacation because of the time in hand and no work.
Does any one have any ideas on some workouts that require  no equipments to do during my vacation???????
Oh I haven't received a single comment on my blog so anyone out there reading this please leave one just for motivation sake

Friday, 19 October 2012

Body Revolution Week 9 and Kerala

 I set the alarm at 6:00am but turned it off and slept because I thought I should rest when I have the time in hand. I head back home tomorrow so this will end my time away from all home responsibilities. That does not mean I skipped my workouts, come evening and I attacked it with venegance. Today was Cardio3 from BR and Yoga X from P90X.
Cardio 3 is viscious with so many diffrent moves all 20 seconds long but you go through them 3 times. So here's a low down on all the moves
  1. Windmills
  2. Jumping front kicks
  3. fast feet
  4. Knee Thrusts
  5. Double under Ropes
  6. High Kicks
  7. Plank Mogos
  8. Rockstar Jumps
  9. Squat Jumps
  10. Jumping Lunges
  11. Squat Jacks
  12. High Knees drop downs
  13. Long Jumb 2 back
  14. Standing Mountain Climbers
  15. High Knees with rotation
  16. cannonball jumps
  17. Running pose one leg thrusts
  18. Crab Kicks
  19. Zig Zag Jumps
  20. Jumping Planks
  21. down dog thrusters
  22. Single leg Cross Hops
  23. Side Plank Burpees
  24. Plank punches
WOW... Thats a mouthfull ...... and kicks you butt in 30 minutes.  But if you though that was tough you should certainly try Yoga X. Its 90 minutes of yoga moves that make you sweat like crazy even with the slow pace. I wish I had a HRM to track how many calories I burnt doing all the diffrent moves.
 If you have an aversion to yoga because you think it doesnt challenge you, please try YogaX. It will shift you paradigm.

So thats about it I need to get to bed cause tomorrow is early morning to complete two workouts cause I will be at the airport in the evening.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Body Revolution Week 9 and Kerala

the second day in kerala was beautiful, Iwas rested because I slept with no waking up in the middle of night to feed the baby. However I still miss my princess like crazy so I dont care if I wake up a hundred times as long as I can wake up to see her beutiful face.
Back to the workouts, I did some cardio in the morning in the Hotels gym, Treadmill mostly at Speed Intervals and evening was Workout10 and Ab ripper X. Body revolution is challenging , cause just when you think you mastered the move you move onto something tougher. Its keeps you working every single week...Jillian I love you for being a tough task master. Now about AB RIPPERX, it surely needs the all caps...339 insane total reps  with 11 moves. Its crazy but I love it, it works the core and its all on the floor. And I am sore after it cause I did it yesterday. I know I shouldnt be doing this everyday but I want the ripped core so I will follow it atleast 3 times a week.

The diet is controlled,
Breakfast: Oats ,  Small glass of Pineapple juice and plain omlette with a cup of coffee
Lunch : 2 chapatis with Vegetable curry
Snack: Veg Sandwich
Dinner: Garden Fresh Green Salad  and Vegetables noodle soup

It was a good day, cause I was teaching the 7 Habits of highly effective class. I love teaching and it works my legs cause I am on my feet the whole time. But being the manager gives me little opportunities to teach, most of the strategizing and planning is done at the desk or in conference rooms.
I ceratinly need to schedule more classroom time in the month. Lets hope its possible.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Body Revolution and Gods Own Country----Kerala

I know I have been AOL for some time, well I am not going to get to the different excuses. Moral of the story I have been away from workouts and eating stuff I should clearly stay away from, but today I ended it.

That out of the way, lets talk about Kerala, today I landed in Kochi the coastal city to a pleasantly nice weather .This is a work related trip and my first time away from princess for full four days. I miss her like crazy, it was like my  someone squeezed my heart when I kissed her and said bye today morning.
Now I know why mom gets all teary eyed every time I leave home.
I want vent all those emotions in my workout so I completed Workout 9 from BR and AB RipperX from P90X today.I will give a low down on  Workout 9 ,10 and cardio 3 on Friday.
 These four days I want to eat clean and workout like crazy. The only hitch is the hotel room has a very tiny space, but it also has a gym so I will add in some cardio every morning other than the workouts. I also want to do a detox diet this week , how much of that is possible is still a question with the hotel food.

This round of Body revolution hasn't been great and its going to get worse next month because I will be on vacation for 19 days . We are travelling to meet my hubby's parents, so limited workouts and eating will certainly be out of whack. At the pace that I am going I don't think I will be able to wear my dream dress on the 22nd of Dec (princess's b'day).  Lets hope this time away from home I can loose some of those inches.

When I am back from the vacation that is the 19th of November, I will start Brazil Butt lift for 35 days because that's all the time I have till Dec 22. And beginning of next year will BR Round 2 and Ripped in 30 combo. That should help me do away with the those stubborn Muffin tops.

This time away is also my time to do some soul searching and getting centred on my goals for life.Lets hope all of this happens this week. This certainly is a longisg post but you will see some long posts in the next few days .

Monday, 8 October 2012

Body Revolution Week 8

Finally Phase 2 is done, this week. It was a tough phase with some equally tough moves in workout 7 and 8.
But it gave me strenght to do stuff that I thought I would never be able to do. That includes planks and pushups. I also increased my weights during this phase.
Week 8 is special becuase I followed the schedule to the T by working out Mon-sat and also adding one extra workout every single day  from the Brazil Butt lift series.
This post is gonna be short because I have unwell baby to take care off, princess is down with fever . It is heart wrenching to see her suffer.